Is Burnzay Legit :-Cons to clarify Are Burnzay’s Legit?


This article will answer the question Is Brentzay Legit about a newly established online marketing platform that sells men’s and ladies’ footwear.

Are you suffering from bunions? Do your feet swell because of wearing the wrong shoes? Do you want to find shoes that are specially designed for these conditions? Are you a frequent traveler and need breathable shoes for that purpose? You’ve come to the right place.

Today’s article has facts about the novelty of a store. This platform is available to shoppers from the United States. To make sure is Burnzay Legit, please continue reading.

Is Burnzay Authentic?

These details will help you to understand more about this platform’s legitimacy. These facts were compiled after extensive research of the Net.

  • Site Age This portal is nearly one and a quarter months old. It was established on 8 June 2022.
  • Platform Trust Index2% is a Very Poor Trust Score.
  • Social Media Connection – The portal doesn’t contain any linking to social media.
  • Alexa Ranking1177272 is below-standard. This rank indicates low traffic to the platform.
  • Burnzay Reviews  The section for customers to leave feedback is not available with the items.
  • Incompatible Payment Modes – One of the FAQs says that the website only accepts PayPal payments. No other payment method is mentioned. The badges on the landing pages are, however, for credit cards other than PayPal.
  • Spelling Error – The team incorrectly wrote contact as “contacy”.
  • The Nonappearance Of Contact Points – The portal’s telephone number is not available.
  • Non-Provisional Filtering – The designers haven’t included the filtering option. This is essential to browse shoes.

These attributes point to the doubtfulness surrounding this online portal. However, it may prove difficult to determine If Burnzay Legit for this website’s recency.

What’s Burnzay?

Burnzay, an online shop that sells footwear specifically designed for men and women, is available on the internet. These shoes are orthopedic and support the arch and feet. For comfort, the features include a soft footbed, an extended width, and air cushion.


  • Site Type A virtual store that sells men’s and ladies’ footwear.
  • Platform Address –
  • Office or Warehouse Location –Missing
  • Phone Number – Not given.
  • E-mail Id –
  • Linking with Social Media –Not connected. This specification can confirm your question Is Burnzay Legit.
  • Product Price –Provided In USD.
  • Privacy Policy – Mentioned
  • Shipping Information – The average delivery time is 2 to 3 weeks. Orders below $60 qualify for free shipping at $7.99
  • Information concerning Returns and Refunds. This platform has a fourteen-day return policy. The time it takes to refund the amount is between fifteen and twenty days.
  • Terms and Conditions –Specified
  • Filtering MethodAbsent
  • Sorting Options –Provided
  • Payment Methods –Credit and debit cards of JCB Visa, MasterCard, American Express, American Express, PayPal.


  • This website includes a disclaimer about health that explains the transparency of certain products that claim to treat medical conditions.
  • The products’ designs, particularly the shoes for women, are elegant.

Cons to clarify Are Burnzay’s Legit?

  • This portal does not allow for the necessary filtering of footwear, such as color and size. Without filtering, buyers may find it difficult to browse the products.
  • In two places, Contact is misspelled “Contacy”. Although we understand that the letters t and y are adjacent to each other on qwerty, such errors are not good for online shopping sites.
  • This website does not include the warehouse address and phone number.
  • This store is difficult to believe due to its newness and lack of social media links.
  • The policy provides a 14-day return window and the product a 30-day period.

Burnzay Reviews

Not yet, users in prominent reviewing forums have discussed the topic platform. The website does not have a section for users to voice their opinions. This means that there is no way to get feedback from buyers or visitors. If you wish to buy products from this store, it is a good idea to wait for reviews. For your safety, be sure to read the Simple and Easy methods of refunding PayPal.


We have analyzed the information and found no doubts about this online shop. However, Is Burnzay Legit cannot be verified for the future of this online store. We ask you to learn How to get money back on your credit card. You can also read about orthotic shoes and their characteristics.

Are you concerned about the reliability of this portal’s website? Let us know your thoughts in the section below.